"I have a medical condition which causes a lot of muscle tension and pain. Also, my work requires lots of repetitive motions. Before I started to see Brenda I was on muscle relaxant medications for years. After being under Brenda's care for a few months I don't need them anymore. She is a very knowledgeable and talented massage therapist. I am a client for life." 

~Elena Z.

"I met and obtained the services of Brenda after an operation on my C6-7 micro disectomy (C4-7 affected by a car accident).  Pre and post operation, I suffered with limited arm range, chronic radiating pain down the arm, muscles spasms, tightness, fatigue all through my neck, mid back, traps, triceps, forearms, making my daily life almost unmanageable.  Brenda worked diligently every week for an hour (twice a week at first) focusing her amazing hands and techniques on each of those problem areas.  Each time I left Brenda I felt relaxed and physically less stressed. (Oh, she got my emotions, too.  So if you need a good listener as well?  Her compassion and understanding is outstanding) Brenda's knowledge of the human anatomy was key in my recovery because fitness/sports has always been key in my life.  I needed someone who knew/knows what they're doing with multiple injuries/problems, and my lifestyle (fitness), how this injury was affecting my work and personal life.  Brenda took on the challenge, made me feel so comfortable with her.  I trust Brenda 100% and received phenomenal results at the touch of her amazing hands.  Thank you, Brenda.  Without you I would not be where I am today - in my professional life, my relationship and at 50 years old, chasing around my awesome 9 and 6 year old, pretty dang near close to 100% recovered!"

~ Amy R.

"Brenda is a friendly, professional, and talented massage therapist. Her medical massages have helped my anxiety and depression tremendously! After a session with Brenda, I feel more relaxed physically and mentally. I can think more clearly and it puts me in a kind of “reset” mode that I desperately need sometimes. Brenda is very personable and also extremely knowledgeable in her field. She has her certification in oncology massage which also puts her a step above the rest in my opinion. I would 10/10 recommend Brenda and her practice for anyone who values their physical and mental health."

~Sarah R.

"My neck and shoulders were so tight I could not even turn my neck! Went to Brenda and not only is her room so cozy and welcoming, she has strong hands and a great touch. I felt so relaxed with her and she put me at ease. The next day I felt back to normal again! I highly recommend her!"

~ Colette T.

" Had my first massage with Brenda today and I can't wait to have my next! I've had massages in the past but they were always borderline painful. Brenda released all the knots in my back without causing me any pain! It was the best massage I've had yet."

~Kristina P.

"After Driving for 6 hours my back, neck and shoulders were in a lot of pain. Brenda was able to fit me in the next day. Thank goodness! She did wonders for me and my pain was gone. She does exceptional work and I highly recommend her to anyone with pain."

~ Margaret D. 

"My first appointment with Brenda was a full body massage. It was a relaxing stress reliever. I really enjoyed it. Brenda noticed  I held at of stress in my neck and shoulders, she recommended we focus on those area at the next massage.

I have had many massages with Brenda that have helped me with headaches, jaw pain, neck and shoulders tightness.  Brenda’s studio is a warm welcoming safe haven. I would recommend Brenda with her healing touch and positive energy to anyone who is looking for a massage, it is a whole body experience.  Great for the soul."

~ Jill D.

"Had massage with Brenda yesterday. I woke up today feeling refreshed and eager to take on my busy day! I have been dealing with every day tension in my shoulders and head. My feet hurt so bad when I went in. I highly recommend Brenda for a full body massage!"

~ Barb L. 

Thank you so much for fitting me in at the last minute today. I must say this is the best massage I have had and look forward to my next appointment. "

~Melissa N.

"Great medical massage! Brenda is awesome! Highly recommend her services!"

~ Meg D. 

"I've had a couple of massages from Brenda. She does a great job! She addresses whatever issues you have. She is strong, yet gentle. I would highly recommend her for massage."

~ Denise F. 

Absolutely amazing!! I would highly recommend checking this place out!!!

~Chris S.